What Keeps Us Stuck to Earth?
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What Keeps Us Stuck to Earth?

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Students examine and compare two models of gravity: Newton's classical force model and Einstein's revolutionary curved space-time model. By understanding the flaws in Newton's force model, students learn that scientific models must not only be revised to account for new observations, but must also make testable predictions.


  • Lesson plans: What Keeps Us Stuck to the Earth?
  • Videos: Alice & Bob: What Keeps Us Stuck to the Earth? (approx. 1 min)
  • Activities: Scientific Models: Gravity; Scientific Revolution: General Relativity (worksheets and solutions)
  • Supplementary Materials: How to Build a Black Box Model
  • Teacher-supplied Materials: Rod (2m long), small masses, board and bungee cords, balloons, markers, painter's tape

(Note: all lesson plans and worksheets provided as PDFs and modifiable MS Word documents)

Intended Audience: Senior High (Gr 11-12)
Lesson Topics: Gravity, Process of Science, Relativity
Price: Free

This lesson is included in The Process of Science compilation.