What Do You See?  Animal Tracks Worksheet
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What Do You See? Animal Tracks Worksheet

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Observation and inference are foundational to scientific thinking. Students are presented with an image of animals tracks and are challenged to make observations and infer how the tracks were created. Students are encouraged to carefully examine inferences that they may be making without knowing it.


  • Lesson plans: What Do You See - Observation and Inference: Animal Tracks
  • Activities: What Do You See? (worksheet and solutions); Animal Tracks image

(Note: all lesson plans and worksheets provided as PDFs and modifiable MS Word documents)

In this activity, students will explore the difference between observation and inference by answering questions on a worksheet based on animal footprints.

Intended Audience: Middle School (Gr 5-8), Junior High (Gr 9-10)
Lesson Topics: Process of Science
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This individual lesson plan is part of The Process of Science lesson compilation.