Beyond the Atom: Remodelling Particle Physics, Second Edition
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Beyond the Atom: Remodelling Particle Physics, Second Edition

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Particle physics—a fascinating subfield that studies the tiniest building blocks that make up the cosmos—continually asks this question: What is everything made of? This is a question humans have asked for thousands of years.

Updated in 2021 to include Higgs, Beyond the Atom equips high school teachers with a full range of hands-on activities. Activities focus on Rutherford’s scattering experiment, patterns within the particle zoo, and the analysis of bubble chamber images. Students also investigate data and determine the mass of the Higgs boson; they delve into evidence for antimatter and visualize interactions between fundamental particles. Cutting-edge physics topics include neutrinos, the SNO detector, tetraquarks, pentaquarks, and the LHC.

Using a combination of animations and interviews with particle physicists, this classroom resource also includes a 30-minute video, which covers the development of the Standard Model.

This resource is designed to excite learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), with an emphasis on global competencies—including critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, and communication.