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The Search for EHE: Breakout Activity

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Breakout activities are tabletop escape rooms where students solve a series of challenges in the context of an exciting scenario—a mystery to solve or a mission to complete.

In The Search for EHE, students act as a team of black hole researchers. They need to unscramble the final transmission from a space probe called Event Horizon Explorer (EHE) to bring it back to Earth safely. This resource uses several different challenges (from simple to complex) to expose students to black hole science. It also draws upon student knowledge of standard physics curricula, including Newton’s law of universal gravitation, Kepler’s laws, and the Doppler effect.

The Search for EHE encourages effective teamwork and places emphasis on global competencies, such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking—all used to solve the tasks, puzzles, and problems found in the challenges.

For more information about breakout activities, see the companion resource How to Use a Breakout Activity, also included in this package.

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